Guided Meditations


Welcome to the Library of Upstream Guided Meditations

These recordings are here to nourish and support you on your mindfulness journey, no reservations necessary.

Grab a pair of headphones or find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, and let’s get started! 

We often carry and hold stress in our bodies without even realizing it. This 45-minute practice will help you improve awareness of body sensations and emotions so you can work more effectively with them and begin to relax around them.

This 39-minute practice provides additional practice guidance on awareness of body sensations.

Elizabeth’s 45-minute instruction moves seamlessly through a series of lying-down yoga postures to assist you in deepening your mind-body connection.

This 42-minute recording provides further practice for all lying down yoga postures taught in the MBSR course.

Take 25-minutes to explore all the MBSR standing yoga postures beginning with grounding yourself in mountain pose.

This gentle, 20-minute meditation evokes images of a lake and water to foster a sense of stillness and receptivity and to deepen your practice of mindfulness.

A 20-minute practice that includes metaphors of mountain, wind, and sky to connect with your inner steadiness and strength in the ever-changing landscape of life.

This 23-minute practice of wishing oneself and others happiness, health, and peace has been shown to reduce the stress response, improve sleep, and even boost immunity.

Practice this 25-minute meditation to nurture compassion, kindness, goodwill, and love. Focusing on these qualities stimulates the body’s innate tendencies towards resilience and well-being.

Practice this 35-minute meditation in an upright, relaxed posture to strengthen your brain’s ability to focus and sustain attention.